Cost Savings and
Resource Utilization

By accurately monitoring chair occupancy, dental offices can eliminate waste and identify underused resources, leading to significant cost savings and improved resource allocation.

Occupancy Insights

Our patented IoT hardware provides dental offices with real-time data on chair occupancy, allowing them to efficiently manage chair availability.

Enhanced Patient

With SmartChair.AI, dental offices can better organize and schedule appointments, providing patients with reduced wait times and an overall improved experience during their visit.

Predictive Scheduling:

Predictive insights based on chair utilization data, enabling dental offices to optimize appointment booking and maximize the number of patients seen per day.

Streamlined Workflow

Our IoT hardware analyzes chair usage patterns to identify bottlenecks and streamline workflows, resulting in increased operational efficiency.

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About Us

In your quest to improve oral wellness, have you been ignoring the health of your business?

Do dentistry right by embracing precise patient care while boosting your earnings.

Brace yourself for a digital transformation that unlocks it all!

Make Your Chair Do More.

The Brand Story

The world is riding the AI wave. And with millions of faces to put smiles on, so should you!
Turn to SmartChair.AI

A Platform for Efficiency

A Platform for Efficiency

With innovation at its core, SmartChair.AI uses Patented IoT Device paired with Artificial Intelligence enabled hardware and software combo.

This makes the biggest capital asset in the dental office, THE DENTAL CHAIR, smarter.

Changing Industry Landscape

Changing Industry Landscape

Data-driven decisions using data visualization minimize human error, reduce overheads, guarantee accuracy, ensure privacy and decode revenue sources.

It’s all about taking the guesswork out of growth.

Realizing Full Potential

Realizing Full Potential

Force pressure sensors calculate production per hour, reduce downtime, acknowledge short departures from the chair and prevent false positives.

Expanding The World of Possibilities

Expanding The World of Possibilities

Easy to use and cost-effective, the patient-dentist interactions are better scheduled and adequately streamlined, optimizing the real estate of your clinic.

This widens the scope to expand, invest and grow.

Our Mission

Our Mission

Making your chair do more for you.

Our Vision

Our Vision

To put revenue at the center of dentistry.


Say Hello to Our Team

Dr. Khamir Patel

Dr. Khamir Patel is an ‘inventor’ who bridges the realms of dentistry with the power of technology.

A dentist by profession and a product architect by passion, his rich experience stems from over 10 years of experience in the clinical setting.

In his endeavor to nurture a positive financial climate, he works towards making dental clinics adopt accelerators that could help achieve greater outcomes.

Dmitry Burshteyn

A Serial Entrepreneur, Dental Industry Veteran, DSO founder and CEO, Dmitry plays the role of an institutional catalyst who aims at transforming the business of dentistry.

Hot on the tracks of the latest tech trends, he connects the dots between human intelligence and the power of AI.

He is passionate about transforming dental care to become a win-win for everyone.


Jeremy Krell, DMD, MBA

Managing Partner, Revere Partners

Dr. Jeremy Krell is a general dentist, as well as an experienced investor with a business background. He has raised rounds and generated returns for investors at ten companies, sold three, and acquired two more as a key operator. Jeremy oversaw strategic provider innovation and development at Oscar Health, a health...

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Jinesh Patel

Co-Founder and CEO, Uptime Health

Jinesh Patel, the visionary co-founder of, brings an unparalleled blend of expertise and innovation to the forefront of healthcare technology. With a robust background in biomedical engineering and an MBA with a focus on Operations/Supply Chain, Jinesh has established himself as a pioneering force in the industry...

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Nehal Patel

Customer Success Advisor, Chief Customer Officer, LiftLab

Teamwork oriented people manager recognized for strong leadership and the proven ability to oversee and ensure excellence in operations and service management with the goal of creating improvements towards operational efficiency, revenue growth and profitability. Equipped with about a decade of...

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Darshit Shah


Seasoned orthodontist with work experience across multiple dental office setups including private practice and state and national level DSO’s. Constantly working to develop innovative solutions for the orthodontic industry, leveraging cutting-edge technology to improve patient outcomes and streamline clinical...

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One stop IoT sensor based hardware and software solution.

Inconspicuous Sensor Based IOT Hardware Device.

Simple one time installation, no upkeep and hands-free operations.

Cloud-Based Analytics Platform

Smart features to analyze patterns and understand the utilization of dental chairs.

Smart Reporting

Enabling clinics to make more informed decisions.

Solutions & Services

Onboarding Excellence With Monetization of Dental Data.

Business productivity relies on the efficiency of the chair use time in a dental office.

SmartChair.AI is the best monitor for your revenue source.

It ups your income game by eliminating subjectiveness and focusing on real, accurate data to drive results.

This extra edge paves the path for more dental chairs, longer operating hours and expanding dental clinics.

Our Specialization

Phase 1

We offer chair occupancy hourly data with a heat map, along with comparative chair occupancy metrics for all chairs in an establishment.

Phase 2

We implement supervised machine learning using sensor load values and PMS data. This is used to integrate chair occupancy data and revenue utilizing dental codes.

Phase 3

We endeavor to utilize machine learning and Artificial Intelligence to create an efficient scheduling assistant based on historical data.

Our Subscription

SmartChair.AI offers a SaaS-based tiered subscription service.

It also has a SaaS-based monthly subscription model.

The prearranged pricing tiers are created based on our current suite of additional value-added products, data processing, visualization and reporting.


You Ask. We Answer.

We are right here to address all your concerns about SmartChair.AI

It eliminates the need to rely on human beings to monitor dental chair utilization in a dental office.
Yes. It can be greatly beneficial for Dental Support Organisations managing multiple dental offices that employ dentists on their payroll.
Yes. We manage the entire show for you.
It is designed to be inconspicuous within the chair.
It is most suited for hands-free, remote monitoring. As it enhances revenue while minimizing human involvement, it is highly recommended.
Since there is no patient identifier, it does not generate concern about healthcare data sharing.
You can always set active hours and smart features to flag repeated measurements at regular intervals. Such values will prevent data from getting distorted.
After the initial Wi-Fi setup, you will be able to establish hands-free communication with the cloud. All analytics will be done on the same.
- During installation, we will provide details on the power source. Unplugging the hardware will stop any data communication with the cloud.
- Service can be restarted at a later date, if necessary, without going through the installation process.
There are on-device and cloud-based industry-standard security measures in place to prevent unauthorized access to the hardware or the software.

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